Why You Should Use The Shoulder Pillow

Side Sleeping

1/3 of your life is spent in bed with your pillow

Is your pillow comfortable? Does it allow your body to rest from the wear and tear of daily life or does it contribute to the aches and pains you experience?

Like most people, you may prefer to sleep on your side. But sleeping on your side puts the weight onto your shoulders–literally. You put your shoulder into a cramped, awkward position with the weight of your body putting pressure on the anatomic structures of the shoulder. Because of this position, you are not totally comfortable and you may even be experiencing shoulder pain at night. That means that one third of your life is spent in an uncomfortable position that is contributing to shoulder problems.

Benefits of The Shoulder Pillow

2/3 of people will experience shoulder problems

Is shoulder pain common? Absolutely. Two thirds of people will experience shoulder problems in their lifetime. Most of these people will suffer with nighttime shoulder pain. You may be one of these people. The Shoulder Pillow was designed with you in mind. The unique, novel design of the shoulder pillow allows you to sleep on your side without putting so much pressure on your shoulder, giving you relief from nighttime shoulder pain. It raises your upper body and positions your shoulder is in a comfortable, anatomic position to avoid pinching and impingement of the anatomic structures.

3/3 of people will benefit from The Shoulder Pillow

The Shoulder Pillow is not only for people with shoulder pain. It is not only for people that sleep on their sides. It is a COMFORTABLE pillow that cradles and supports you for one third of your life, whether you are sleeping on your side or your back. At Perfect Anatomy, we believe that EVERYONE (three thirds of people!) should experience The Shoulder Pillow EVERY NIGHT!

Experience a new level of restful sleep with a pillow unlike any you have ever owned.

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