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The Shoulder Pillow is a comfortable and unique pillow designed to reduce pressure on your shoulder while sleeping on your side. The innovative design was developed and patented by an orthopaedic surgeon with the goal of reducing shoulder pain at night; but it’s comfortable for anyone wanting a better nights’ sleep!

Customer Reviews

For years I would toss and turn every night only to wake up unrested and with terrible shoulder pain and neck strain. I spent hundreds of dollars and tried dozens of pillows and combinations of pillows but nothing ever worked. Then my wife bought me The Perfect Anatomy Shoulder Pillow, I knew when I opened the box that this was no ordinary pillow. After the first night it was obvious this was the solution I had been searching for, I felt rested and my shoulder and neck pain were gone. The design of this pillow is beautifully simple, yet exceptionally effective. Dr. Tingey really hit this one out of the park. After two years the pillow still has its original shape and is just as effective as ever. I recommend anyone suffering from shoulder pain, to try this pillow and see if you don’t have the same experience I did. There is a 30-day return guarantee, so you have little to risk, but I’m certain you’ll end up just like me and say “Thank you Dr. Tingey for the extraordinary pillow!


I suffer from adhesive capsulitis which is a sports related injury, in both shoulders. I have been virtually unable to sleep on my side or even roll over for years. I’m a side sleeper and I’ve not been able to adjust to sleeping on my back so I ordered this pillow basically out of desperation for sleep. The pillow does exactly what it is supposed to do, it enables you to sleep on your side either with your shoulder in the cut out and/or with your arm in the small tunnel that runs underneath the pillow. No more waking up 6 to 8 times a night in agony from my shoulder being folded over. It works on both sides so you can sleep on your right or on your left by simply flipping the pillow over. The pillow arrived quickly, is made very well and has a soft cover. I would not hesitate to recommend this pillow to any family member, friend or loved one if they suffer from shoulder problems. I bought and paid for my pillow, it was not given to me in exchange for a bogus review and I genuinely sleep on this pillow every night (it even travels with me!). Do yourself a favor, buy this pillow.

— ROB., NY

Quality construction with comfortable memory foam bonded to a polyurethane core that provides support and resiliency
The contours of the pillow fit and support the natural lumbar and cervical curves of your spine
When resting on your side, your body weight is supported without putting pressure on your shoulder
Wedge shaped so that your upper body lies at an incline, which may reduce snoring, heartburn, sinus congestion, and pulmonary congestion

The Shoulder Pillow Benefits

Additional Customer Reviews

  • Dear Perfect Anatomy,
    Thank you so much for developing this wonderful pillow. I have been sleeping on it for over two years now and wow, I am virtually pain free. Both my sister and my dad have had shoulder surgery due to pain and for me, because of your pillow, it looks like I get to skip that route. I have noticed lately too that when I see my reflection in the mirror, my shoulders are square, not slumped, and I'm not even trying. And at age 60, this is a really big deal.
    I so highly recommend this pillow. You owe it to yourself to try it. You have nothing to loose but the pain.

    — Cynthia F. CA

  • I purchased the shoulder pillow due to a severe rotator cuff tear and it has been very beneficial for me. The pillows design offers multiple benefits to me it is very supportive and comfortable. The pillow allows the user to sleep in different positions depending on personal preferences, I still have a lengthy recovery ahead of me and I feel the pillow allows me to achieve more restful longer periods of sleep. Also the angle of the pillow keeps your head and neck elevated comfortably thus reducing snoring. I recommend this pillow to anyone with shoulder, arm, or neck pain.

    — Steve C. MN

  • Excellent. The side of the pillow with the cut out for the shoulder is Genius. That feature is must if you have shoulder surgery.

    — Ronald C., NV

  • I cannot begin to tell you how much my sleep and my life in general has improved since I received your Perfect Anatomy Shoulder Pillow. From the very first night, pain that would awaken me throughout the night or even keep me from falling asleep stopped. I fit into the pillow like it was made for me. Over the course of several nights I found that I could easily reverse the pillow to change my sleeping position. My need for a pillow like this stemmed from shoulder replacement surgery that really didn't bring the relief I expected. I'm not a doctor and I certainly wouldn't interfere with decisions that should be made by a doctor, but I wish I had tried this pillow out before suffering the cost, the discomfort, and the 6 plus months of recovery of the surgery caused. An unexpected benefit is that my wife no longer complains of my snoring. Apparently the pillow puts me in a position that prevents or lessens the severity of my snoring.
    Thank you ever so much

    — Lino D., IL

  • The comfort it provides for both my neck and my shoulder. It takes the pressure off of my shoulder when I sleep on my arm as the "whole" provides a place for my arm, while the cushion is supporting my head and not my arm. It has extremely helped me actually get some uninterrupted sleep while assisting in not having as much pain as before. Dr. Tingey did an awesome job with the design. I have recommended it to a number of people.

    — Demetria K., NV

  • I like the simple fact that I am able to sleep so much better by using the pillow as a result of the remarkable pain reduction it affords. Two words sum up my feelings: THANK YOU!

    — James M., PA

  • First week has gone very well. Shoulder impingement is much decreased and I feel like I'm waking up and turning over less.

    — John B., CT

  • It is soft, but firm enough for head & neck support. I rate this pillow very good to excellent. During post-op (10 days after) the pillow has been great. It keeps me from rolling into my injured right shoulder, while minimizing the pain in my left shoulder.

    — William W., NV

  • I just wanted to let you know how awesome this pillow is. It has helped me greatly with my shoulder impingement syndrome. It took no time to adjust to it. In fact, it has helped so much that I have ordered another. Great Pillow! I highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed!

    — Basil P., NY

  • I feel it helps my shoulder pain. Also helps my snoring as well.

    — John E., NV

  • I ordered a pillow for my husband last week, he was reluctant to use it the first night so I had to threaten him, haha! 3 nights now and he absolutely loves it, and I'm sleeping better too because he no longer snores, it's unbelievable. I used to sleep with ear plugs in because his snoring was loud enough to prevent me from being able to drift off to sleep myself. The first few nights I removed an ear plug just to make sure he was still breathing, it was so quiet in the bedroom! We both love this pillow.

    — Carol S., PA

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I love my shoulder pillow. It took no time at all to adjust to, and I had the best night's sleep I have had in months the first night. I feel lighter and better than I've felt in years sleeping on my back - something I haven't been able to do in at least 15 years. Thanks for such an amazing quality product !!

    — Courtney C., AZ

Providing relief and support for your shoulder

One third of your life is spent with your pillow. Like most people, you may prefer to sleep on your side. This puts your shoulder in cramped position with pressure on it, often resulting in shoulder pain at night. A better designed pillow may offer you a solution.

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Sleep peacefully on your back or on your side

When laying on your back, the shape of The Shoulder Pillow contours nicely to the lumbar and cervical curvatures of the spine. Then as you turn on to your side the shoulder easily falls into the cutout of the pillow, while the chest wall and head are comfortably supported.

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Reversible for either shoulder—just flip it over

The ingenious design allows the shoulder to remain in a comfortable, uncramped position while you lie on your side, affording you relief from your nighttime shoulder pain.

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Quality construction with memory foam with a polyurethane core

The unique construction includes a polyurethane core—lightweight and resilient—bonded to soft memory foam where cushioning is needed. The final product is covered in a soft cotton cover that is removable and washable. All the materials are hypoallergenic.

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